Oliver Largaespada

Mr. Oliver Largaespada has been doing taekwondo since he was ten. He began martial arts because his mother wanted him to learn a form in which he can defend himself in any situation from nonviolent and violent situations, discipline, and learn self-control. Mr. Oliver is currently attending school and is looking forward to pursuing a career in Occupational therapy for kids with disabilities after he graduates from high school because he met a special girl that had disabilities that lead him to want to study this practice in order to change her life and other kids like her. Mr. Oliver is currently a first Dan black belt, so far he has been doing taekwondo for seven years and has been teaching for two years and also practices Jiu-Jitsu for about six years and is currently a blue belt, and he also practiced Judo for one year and practiced MMA for one year also. He enjoys teaching every type of age group from three years old to even people older than him because he wants to pass on the knowledge he’s acquired over the years and show what martial arts is really about. It’s not just some type of sport or extracurricular activity it’s a way of life for him. Mr. Oliver is also an international taekwondo fighter/coach and Jiu-Jitsu fighter. Mr. Oliver has won an abundant amount of prestigious medals throughout his taekwondo career. In 2010 in got 2nd place at the taekwondo nationals, Multiple 1st place medals in Florida, 2nd place at the Taekwondo Caribbean Open, 1st place in Puerto Rico, also has fought at U.S. Open and Pan Americans. With years of experience being a fighter he utilizes everything he’s learned as a fighter over the years to teach the kids who seek to become a fighter achieve their goal at being the best.
Oliver Largaespada

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Name:Oliver Largaespada

2nd Dan Black Belt

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