Online classes and Tutorials

Coloring Pages and Activities Contest

Show us your art! print out your favorite image, customize it and upload your art in social media. Ask your parent to tag us in Facebook and Instagram to be featured on our pages. The picture with more likes will get a special ninja prize.

How to get in the virtual classes?

-Download the app Zoom on your phone, tablet or computer. 

– Set up an account 

– At 6:15 you will get a code and password to get invited to the class on a text, and email.

CODE 5089617516 

– you put in the code and then it will ask you for password and you should be in.

– Please make sure your camera is connected and audio on the left hand side is connected. 

– Enjoy your class!

Each and every class will consist of a variety of exercises, stretching time, and the activities listed below. At the end of each session the students will be able to continue practicing with the tutorials published in our website. To access them there will be a code given by the instructor. It is important to note that all students will be evaluated during the first week back in our facility. If the evaluation is completed successfully, the children will receive a trophy and the parents a $15-dollar credit for pro-shop. Let’s make this digital challenge fun and rewarding!

Schedule of Online Classes

March 18 Learn to Tie your belt

March 20 Technique for Forms 

March 23 Kicks 

March 25 Learn the Mental Education and the meaning

March 27 Hapkido Techniques 

April 1 Block techniques

April 3 Footwork for sparring 

March 19 BJJ Cardio Drills

March 26 Takedown Drills 

April 2 Ground Drills

March 24 Cardio

March 26 Lower body

March 31 Upper body

April 2 Partner workout

April 7 Lower Body

April 9 Cardio

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